Welcome to St. Lorraine Education Institute

ˇ@St. Lorraine is a dedicated academic community providing particular emphasis on arts, sciences and languages. We promote learning in an international environment with high, but realistic, standards in education. We educate and challenge the ˇ§global childˇ¨ in a warm and caring environment that helps each child reach his/her full potential.

ˇ@Our curriculum is heavily influenced from the educational standards from the United States and the United Kingdom. Our syllabus is both international and dynamic, and we work regularly with overseas schools from Wales (U.K.), Florida (U.S.), and the Gold Coast (Australia) to enrich our teaching curriculum. Please feel free to click below for press cuttings on our international projects. (Clifton Times + PRC newspapers)

ˇ@We hope that parents understand it is impossible to include everything in this website, especially when our school-life is so varied and multi-faceted. We encourage parents to contact us direct for a fuller picture; we are always pleased to answer all your questions should you wish to contact us.

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